Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong

A uniquely potent practice designed to bolster our health and deepen our spiritual connection to universal energy. It is a powerful 24-movement Qigong form, that integrates posture, movement, mind & breath and combines the traditions of ancient Shamanism, Confucianism, Daoism, **Classical Chinese Medicine, and the Martial Arts.

It was taught directly to Ro-z & Darryl by Master Zhongxian Wu, who gives detailed instruction, on the form, in his book and dvd entitled Vital Breath of Dao: Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong. Master Wu was inspired at an early age by practicing Qigong and Tai Chi and recognized the immediate strengthening effects of this practice. Master Wu has committed himself to the life-long pursuit of the ancient arts of internal cultivation. Devoted to the study of Qigong, martial arts, Chinese medicine, Yijing science, Chinese calligraphy, and ancient Chinese music over the last thirty years, he has studied with some of the best teachers in these fields. He is dedicated to the support of everyone who is on this path to healing, peace, harmony, and Enlightenment.

Master Wu has published two books in English. Vital Breath of Dao: Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong: (Laohu Gong) and Seeking the Spirit of the Book of Change. He has also produced DVD’s for Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong and Five Elements Qigong He has written a number of books in Chinese, has written many articles for journals and magazines, and he is the subject of numerous articles and interviews. He is a frequent contributor to Empty Vessel Magazine. He also has released 2 CD’s of his original music that he plays on The Qin – an ancient classical Chinese stringed musical instrument used by Chinese hermits and scholars as a vehicle for spiritual cultivation for over 3,000 years


Before practicing Master Wu’s Qigong form, we start with Dou – shaking. Shaking is reminiscent of shamanic dancing and drumming. The ancient shamans regarded the Univeral Qi as a harmonious musical rhythm, the universal vibration. Shaking focuses the body and Shen (Spirit) on the universal vibrations we are experiencing. This is a way to awaken the energy and consciousness in the body. The shaking movement can help us open our energy gates and meridians – the energy channels in the body. It allows the free flow of Qi to connect with universal energy for moving into the basic Qi state.

We also use different sounds or mantras to open the meridians and all the cells of the body to connect with the universal energies and harmonize with the universal Qi. In addition, we can learn to open our hearts to feel the connection betweeb ourselves and nature through further practice.

Wu (Chinese Shamanism)

The origin of Chinese civilization and culture. In the Wu perspective, the balance and union of Heavenly Yang and Earthly Yin Qi (energies) result in a peaceful and harmonious world. Likewise, imbalances in these energies can result in disharmony in the world, which can take the form of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, storms, floods, and volcanoes. As part of this dynamic universe, human beings are also subject to the effects of these energies.

By following and living by the balancing principles of the universe, it is possible to achieve harmony in the body. Through study and observation of this universal way, the ancient Chinese Wu (shamans or sages) created numerous methods to help people maintain/rebuild their body balancing systems in order to keep their physical bodies, minds, and spirits healthy. People have used these methods to improve their lives for thousands of years in China. Now, we call these modalities Qigong.