The Book of Weirdo is a highly entertaining history of Weirdo Magazine, Robert Crumb’s famous underground comix anthology that ran from 1981-1993. As much as the story of a single magazine, it is a history of the alternative comics scene of the 1980s and early ’90s. The 288-page hardcover book is a complete history of the magazine that includes rare and unseen artwork from that era, as well as new comics from modern-day artists paying tribute. “It was an irreverent, outrageous, often politically-incorrect, and taboo-challenging anthology that showcased Crumb’s finest ― and most controversial ― material. It was gut-busting, hysterical, and frequently offensive. But, most of all, it was FUNNY!”  For more about Book of Weirdo visit Last Gasp Book of Weirdo

Monkeys Retreat played a major role in the alternative comics scene of the 1980s. An entire page of The Book of Weirdo is devoted to SoHoZat, the store they owned in New York. Though not talked about in the book, Monkeys Retreat played an even more important role in the history of underground comix.

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