Free Weekly Chi Kung (Qigong) Classes in Goodale Park Resume

Darryl and Ro-z Mendelson will resume teaching a free one hour beginners Qigong (Chi Kung) class in Goodale Park at 12 Noon, starting this Saturday April 23rd. We will meet just west of the pond. Check for weekly updates. The class will consist of easy to learn movements ranging from meditative to more active.

World Tai Chi Day
April 30, 2022



Social distancing will be upheld.
The Last Saturday of April each year (10 am local time) in 100s of cities, spanning 80 nations, people come together, to breathe, move and nourish their inner vital energy together, sharing their healing arts techniques and providing a healing vision for our world.
Be a part of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day!
World Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) Day 2022 is on Sat. Apr. 30, There will be a public event held near the gazebo (west of the pond) in Goodale Park. From 10am – 11:30am, various forms and styles of Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) will be performed together and in groups and taught for free. You won’t need any experience to be able to participate and learn some simple healing movements. All Tai Chi and Qigong teachers, students, and practitioners; plus other healing artists and those that are interested, are invited and encouraged to participate. There is no cost for these activities. For more information about the WTCQD celebration at Goodale Park contact Darryl or Ro-z Mendelson at 263-9022. For more information about World Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) Day visit the following sites: